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Our electric golf cart rental Naples models are eco-friendly and come in various sizes, some of which can seat up to eight passengers. With our golf cart rental Naples carts, you can easily maneuver around town, park with ease, and travel quietly and efficiently. Our golf carts are perfect for both business and pleasure – you can use them for industrial purposes such as cargo, people movers, etc., or simply drive them around the beach town, your community, or on a local golf course. 4 passenger and 6 passenger golf carts are our street legal models.

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Whether your golf cart rental is for business (industrial, cargo, people movers, etc.) or pleasure, our street legal golf car rentals are a perfect means of driving around a beach town or your community, or simply being driven around on your local golf course.

Naples Golf Cart Rental is also your one stop shop for any accessories or parts you may need for your personal golf car. We have a large selection of new and used parts to fit many different makes and models of golf cars. View our wide selection at our parts and accessories website, Prime Cart Parts.

Golf Cart Rental Naples has a showroom of golf carts for sale in our main location in Riviera Beach, Florida, but golf carts as well as parts can be shipped all over the mainland USA.

When you purchase of a new golf car with Naples Golf Cart Rental, we can handle all of your Florida DMV services for your golf cart for you. We can also ship your golf car to your door, whether you are in state, national or international.

All of our America EV cars come with a 1-year warranty! Our cars are equipped with the latest 48-volt electric 17.5 Hp brushless AC motor, which is the most powerful on the market.

Best of all we offer a standard selection of colors for all of our street legal golf cart rentals, we offer the option to choose from many custom colors, personal graphics or unique schemes which are available at an additional cost if you choose to purchase one of our golf carts.

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Naples Golf Cart Rental

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